Entry Criteria and Ongoing Performance Measurements

REGIONAL SQUAD: Moving from a learning to train to a “training to compete” mindset underpinned by a growing knowledge of factors affecting healthy mind and body

“Listen, the work is behind the scenes. The competition is the easy part” Usain Bolt

  Entry Criteria Ongoing Performance Measurements
Attitude 1.        Have displayed the key elements of team spirit and been supportive of others

2.        Have displayed a high level of dedication to the sport (i.e. shown commitment, asked for feedback and have been receptive to ideas for improvement)

1.        To maintain and develop appropriate behaviour and responsibilities within a 1:1 and group training environment (for further information, see our Swimmers Code of Conduct on our website)

2.        To develop greater individual responsibility for swimming commitment and performance

3.        To continue to recognize the importance of long term athlete development (LTAD) by developing knowledge of healthy mind and body to aid performance, as well as the importance of continued commitment to training

4.        Specifically, to develop tactical & mental skills required to assist & improve performance

5.        To improve knowledge of nutrition & hydration & its application during training & competition

6.        To understand the importance of time management, healthy lifestyles & competition protocols

Swimming technique & ability 1.        Have effective stroke technique and effective turns in all 4 strokes and IM

2.        Can perform a 400IM under ASA laws and can swim 800m continuously using competition turns

3.        Can repeatedly and consistently complete a test set of 10 x 100m FC @ 2:00

4.        Achieved County or Regional times in 100m events and above or within a percentage of the 200m Regional time. Times used will be from the previous year’s competitions

1.        To develop and maximize technical skills and mechanics on all 4 strokes

2.        To understand energy systems and undertake cyclical training

3.        To improve and optimize aerobic conditioning and speed

4.        To understand and develop anaerobic conditioning (race pace / preparation)

5.        To build stability and strength through land conditioning

6.        To develop IM skills and specialist distance / stroke skills

7.        To make finals and achieve medals in County or Regional competitions

8.        To be selected to attend County or Regional programmes or to represent County or Regional teams

Commitment 1.        Have competed regularly at Level 3 Licensed Meets

2.        Have attended pool & land training sessions regularly & consistently

1.        To attend pool & land training sessions regularly & consistently

2.        To develop & implement an appropriate competition plan