National Squad Criteria

NASC National Squad Criteria

Entry to the squad takes place either in September, January or April of each swimming season. Swimmers can be considered for entry to the National squad by achieving the qualifying criteria set out below and with the acceptance of the squad coach. Swimmers can progress from squads within NASC, or directly from other clubs based on a successful trial.

Testing will take place each term to ensure individual standards are maintained & that swimmers are progressing towards their individual goals. If it is felt that a swimmer is not progressing towards ultimately achieving the necessary squad standard, then the swimmer & their parents will be invited to a meeting with the Coach to determine appropriate actions to be taken which may include an invitation to join other club squads.Swimmers improve from three main areas: Technique, Growth and Training. Young swimmers will generally improve from growth and technique alone, however at youth age, the number of sessions and volume of swimming becomes essential to improvement. It has a huge effect on performance, strength, skill and fitness. Swimmers not committed to attending all sessions will miss out in these areas leading to a decline in performance. Although a minimum of 5 sessions a week is set out in the entry criteria, it is expected as swimmers progress they will attend all sessions.All swimmers are expected to be fully committed to the following aims and objectives:

All Regional and National squad swimmers are expected to be fully committed to the following aims and objectives:


  • To place swimmers in National / Regional competitions, finals and achieve medals.
  • To place swimmers on National / Regional programmes
  • To place swimmers on Regional Teams.


  • Develop and maximise technical skills on all 4 strokes
  • Continually improve swimmers’ knowledge of stroke mechanics
  • Further develop tactical and mental skills required to assist and improve performance
  • Improve swimmers’ knowledge of nutrition and hydration and its application during training and competition
  • Swimmers to be introduced to energy systems and cyclical training
  • Improve and optimise swimmer aerobic conditioning
  • Be introduced to and develop anaerobic conditioning (Race Pace / Preparation)
  • To build stability and strength through land conditioning
  • Be educated on time management, healthy lifestyles and competition protocols
  • Develop and implement an appropriate competition plan
  • Develop IM Skills and specialised distance / stroke skills
  • Gain greater responsibility for swimming commitment and performance

Criteria for entry into the Regional or National squads:

  • Swimmers will be 11 years old and over (10 year olds who are 11 before the age group national championships also qualify for the squad)
  • Have advanced stroke technique and effective turns in all four strokes
  • Swimmers will be of a Regional or National standard (achieving the qualifying time in 100m events and above), or within a specified percentage of the 200m regional time to create a squad of the top 20 (approximately) ranked swimmers. Times used will be from the previous year’s competitions.
  • Be able to perform a 400 individual medley under ASA laws and swim 1500m continuously using competition turns
  • Minimum attendance of 5 sessions per week, including key training sessions as defined within the coaching programme for the squad.
  • All swimmers must compete in team and open competitions as directed by the Coach and the management team.
  • All swimmers must compete in the club championships.
  • All swimmers must have the ability to cope with training demands of the squad.
  • All swimmers must be punctual for all sessions, arriving on poolside fully prepared, 5 minutes before the session start time.
  • All swimmers must behave at all times and be respectful to other swimmers and the coaching staff.
  • Swimmers must be committed and have a positive attitude to make the best of the opportunities the club/coach provides.

Coaches’ Discretion:

The coach may move a small number of swimmers up to a squad if they believe the swimmer has potential, even though they may not make all of the squad criteria. The coach may also introduce swimmers for short periods to provide an opportunity to gain experience or benefit in their development. The coach may waive any of the criteria contained in this document at their sole discretion. The criteria are regularly reviewed and amended as appropriate to benefit swimmers in NASC.

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