Entry Criteria and Ongoing Performance Measurements

NATIONAL SQUAD: “Train to win” mindset with the mental maturity to succeed

“It’s not the number of hours you train, it’s about the number of hours your mind is present during the training” Kobe Bryant

Swimmers will be 13 years old* and over (12 year olds who are 13 before the age group national champs may also qualify for the squad). * May vary due to swimmer maturity and physical conditioning.

  Entry Criteria Ongoing Performance Measurements
Attitude 1.       Has demonstrated a high level of dedication to the sport:

·         A strong desire to listen, learn & act upon coach feedback

·         A very high level of self-motivation to improve

1.       Takes TOTAL responsibility for self-development

·         Swimmer-led goal setting with action plans for achievement (regular record keeping of performance against goals with regular 1:1 reviews with coach).

·         Follows personal strength training program

·         Knows and follows good nutrition & hydration

·         Continuous desire to perfect technical skills (e.g. through use of skills videos)

·         Takes responsibility for injury prevention (pre-hab & stretching)

·         Knows how to prepare mentally for racing (e.g. using visualization techniques) & how to overcome & learn from disappointment

Swimming technique & ability 1.       Advanced stroke technique & turns on all 4 strokes & IM

2.       Understands and consistently performs advanced starts & turns (min. 5m underwater streamlined)

3.       Qualified for Regional Champs in 100m or above OR within a percentage of 200m time (based on previous year’s times)

1.       To develop stroke specific skills (Junior Nationals only)

2.       To target finals and achieve medals in Regional &/or National competitions (long course and short course)

3.       To achieve places on Regional &/or National programs & be selected for Regional teams

4.       To reach top 30 British rankings in your event(s)

5.       To develop the skills necessary for transition to a university swim squad or talent squad

Commitment 1.       Proven attendance at pool training sessions & land training on a consistent & regular basis 1.       To attend pool training sessions consistently and regularly

2.       To attend group land training sessions (Junior Nationals) or individual land-based training (Nationals)

3.       To attend early mornings and long course training (when invited)