Junior Squad Criteria

NASC Junior Squad Criteria

Entry to the junior will typically be based upon an initial trial session (s) of swimmers who have got to a point where they are ready to finish Stage 7 of the ASA Learn to Swim Pathway and / or referred by their swimming teacher.

If the swimmer goes on to join the club, they would then begin to develop strokes and skills similar to those outlined in the ASA Stages 8 and 9 awards. Swimmers at this stage will also be developing the preliminary disciplines  required for competitive starts, by learning how to perform a shallow dive from poolside at the deep end, then the shallow end and ultimately working towards diving off the starting blocks. Additionally, the swimmer will also be developing the stamina necessary for progress in competitive swimming.

In addition to developing core skills and techniques, the swimmer will also need to embrace  attributes relating to Club membership and competitive swimming, in terms of :

  • behavior
  • commitment and application
  • attendance (training sessions and galas)

Once   sufficient standards, and stamina has developed, the swimmer will be considered for progression  to the “Development” squad, where they will further develop skills similar to those outlined in ASA Stages 9 and 10 awards and those described in the ASA Competitive Starts Award.

Subsequently, once the standards are being met for County, Regional and National squads , then swimmers will be considered for movement up to the appropriate squads  as  directed by the coaching team.

Please contact our membership secretary for more details.

James Currie