Development Squad Criteria

NASC Development Squad Criteria


All Development Squad swimmers are expected to be fully committed to the following aims and objectives:

Aims of the Development Squad:

  • To provide the opportunity for swimmers to gain positive experiences by learning and training together.
  • To place swimmers in County competitions, finals and achieve medals.
  • To place swimmers on County programmes.

Criteria for entry into Development squad:

  • The swimmer shall be prepared to compete in Licensed open meets once 9 years old.
  • The swimmer shall be able to perform a track start off a starting block followed by a glide of at least 5m.
  • The swimmer shall be able to perform a back-stroke start followed by dolphin leg kick to the surface.
  • The swimmer shall have good stroke technique and effective turns in all four strokes.
  • The swimmer shall be able to perform a 100m Individual Medley and to swim 400m front-crawl continuously using legal competition turns.
  • Minimum attendance of 2 sessions per week.

Objectives of the Development Squad:

  • To develop technique and skills on all 4 strokes.
  • To develop the technical and mental skills required to assist and improve performance.
  • To improve basic aerobic conditioning.
  • To develop Individual Medley skills.
  • To develop basic speed.
  • To participate in an appropriate competition plan.
  • To develop knowledge relating to basic swimming mechanics.
  • To develop knowledge regarding the importance of nutrition and hydration in sport.
  • To maintain and develop appropriate behaviour and responsibilities within an individual and group training environment.
  • To develop greater individual responsibility for swimming commitment and performance.
  • To be competing at Club Championships and Level 3 Licensed meets
  • Target events are all 200m events

(As May 2017)

Please contact our membership secretary for more details.

James Currie