Entry Criteria and Ongoing Performance Measurements

DEVELOPMENT SQUAD: Moving from swim skills to “learning to train” whilst gaining a basic knowledge of factors affecting your swim performance

“Don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong” Olympic gymnast

  Entry Criteria Ongoing Performance Measurements
Attitude 1.       Have proven that you are able to listen, learn & act upon the coach’s feedback on a consistent & regular basis 1.       To maintain & develop appropriate behaviour & responsibilities within a 1:1 & group training environment (for further information, see our Swimmers Code of Conduct on our website)

2.       To develop greater responsibility for your learning & improvement by being ready to listen & learn in training

3.       To begin to recognize the importance of long term athlete development (LTAD) by recognizing the importance of commitment to training & by gaining a basic knowledge of factors affecting your performance

Swimming technique & ability 1.       Have good stroke technique & good, legal turns on all 4 strokes

2.       Can swim 400m continuously using one stroke with legal competitive turns

3.       Can push & streamline then kick 25m butterfly without using a board

4.       Can perform butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke & front crawl turns from 10m in to 15m out

5.       Can perform a dive track start & dolphin kick underwater in a streamlined position for 5m with the focus on progressing it to 10m

6.       Can complete a set totaling at least 800m as specified by the coach (i.e. using turnaround times as instructed)

7.       Can swim a continuous 100m individual medley (4x25m) using recognized competitive turns

8.       Can perform a 15m underwater kick on front from a push & glide in a streamlined position

9.       Can perform butterfly, front crawl & backstroke starts, then dolphin kick in a streamlined position underwater. Transfer into the stroke & complete the remainder of the 25m

10.    Can perform a breaststroke start, performing a one & a half pull underwater. Transfer into stroke & complete the remainder of the 25m.

1.       To develop strokes & skills similar to those outlined in the Swim England Stage 10 Award & those described in the Swim England Competitive Start Award

2.       To develop effective technique & skills for all 4 strokes

3.       To develop effective technical & mental skills required to assist & improve performance

4.       To develop basic aerobic conditioning & speed

5.       To develop Individual Medley (IM) skills & effective starts & turns

6.       To begin learning basic swimming mechanics

7.       To begin learning the importance of nutrition & hydration in sport

8.       To qualify for County Championships (to achieve finals & win medals)

9.       To be selected for County Development Programmes.

Commitment 1.       Already attended at least 2 galas (&, therefore, have ASA ranked times in some events) 1.       To attend pool training sessions consistently & regularly

2.       To attend land training once 9 years old

3.       To compete regularly, once 9 years old, at Level 3 Licensed Meets

4.       At galas, to target all strokes & all relevant distances up to & including 400m events. In addition to these, older swimmers will also be expected to target distance events (800m/1500m).