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Please read all in conjunction with the general criteria:

  1. General Criteria
  2. National
  3. Regional
  4. Development
  5. Junior

General Squad Criteria

(To be read in conjunction with the criteria for each squad)


Generic criteria applicable to all squads:

Swimmers can be considered for entry into each squad by consistently achieving the generic criteria (listed below), the relevant criteria pertaining to the squad in question and with the agreement of the Coaching Team, subject to there being space available in the squad.

Squad moves will also be based on the ability to train within a squad, swimmer coachability, positive attitude, training regularly & competing in recognized club competitions, specifically:

  • The swimmer shall compete in team & in open competitions as indicated by the Coaching Team and Team Managers (including the annual Club Championships & annual Yule in the Pool gala).
  • The swimmer shall have the ability to cope with the training demands of the squad, completing all sets as directed.
  • The swimmer shall be punctual for all sessions, arriving on poolside fully prepared, at least 10 minutes before the session start time, where allowed.
  • The swimmer shall always adhere to the Codes of Conduct and be respectful to other swimmers and the Coaching Team staff.
  • The swimmer shall be committed & have a positive attitude in order to make the best of the opportunities the club / Coaching Team provides.
  • The swimmer shall be prepared to attend land training & to perform dynamic stretches as directed by the Coaching Team.
  • The swimmer’s attendance shall be consistently at > 80% of the number of training sessions recommended for the squad.
  • The swimmer will observe good lane etiquette & will be considerate to, & supportive of other swimmers.

Coaching Team Discretion:

The Coaching Team may move a small number of swimmers who they believe have potential between squads, even though they may not meet all the relevant criteria. The Coaching Team may also introduce swimmers for short periods to provide an opportunity to gain experience or benefit in their development, and then moved back to their original squad. Such flexibility is required so that the individual swimmer is not over-trained, injured or otherwise adversely affected. Swimmers who embrace this flexibility between squads will generally flourish in the long term.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How can a swimmer improve?
  2. Swimmers improve from 3 main areas: technique, growth & training. Young swimmers will generally improve from growth & technique alone. However, at youth age (14-15 years), an increase in the number of sessions & volume of swimming becomes essential to improvement. It has a huge effect on performance, strength, skill & fitness.
  1. Why is it important to attend training regularly?
  2. Swimmers not committed to maximizing their attendance at sessions available to them will miss out in the areas (performance, strength, skill & fitness), leading to a plateau or decline in performance. Although an attendance minimum is set out in the General Squad Criteria, it is expected that, as swimmers improve, they will attend all available sessions.
  1. When can a swimmer move squads?
  2. Movement between squads will generally take place either in September, January or April of each swimming season or, directly from other clubs, based on a successful trial.
  3. If a swimmer meets the qualifying criteria, will they automatically be moved up a squad?
  4. The criteria and targets do not mean automatic movement when gained by a swimmer; they are merely the targets required to be achieved by a swimmer to be considered for movement. Successful swimmers are those that meet the criteria consistently.
  1. How will swimmers be measured?
  2. Swimmers will be measured on 3 main areas: (1) swimming technique and ability, (2) attitude and (3) commitment. The weighting attached to each of these differs by squad. For example, ‘swimming technique and ability’ is more important in Junior Squad whereas there is a greater emphasis on ‘attitude’ in National squad. See the individual squad criteria for more details.
  1. When will a swimmer’s performance be measured?
  2. Measurement periods will vary by squad but, as a guide, will be performed each term to ensure individual standards are maintained and that swimmers are progressing towards their individual goals.
  1. What happens if a swimmer is not progressing?
  2. If it is felt that a swimmer is not progressing towards ultimately achieving the necessary squad standard, then the swimmer and their parents/carers will be invited to a meeting with the Coaching Team to determine appropriate actions to be taken, which may include them moving over to a different club squad.