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Development Squad ‘class room’ Sessions

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The first session of the development squad ‘class room’ sessions took place last night (07/03/18) in front of a full house of parents and swimmers.  Whilst this is the first of a series of pilots, it appeared to be very well received.  If it helps swimmers and parents understand the basics at the outset (competitive expectations; how to find your pb, enter galas, attitude, commitment, wellbeing etc) this should help to form a strong foundation for the future of the club.

Well done Coach Chris for all your endeavors and many thanks to all the parents and swimmers for your attendance and valued support.

Rotherham Metro, Ponds Forge 20 /21 January 2018

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latest update

 Swimmers, A big well done for your swims at the weekend.

The gala was a very busy gala with some 41 entries in some of the age groups.

It was a tough competition to say the least.

We had a full range of medals Golds,  Silvers and Bronze in the Grade A and Grade B medals tables.

Many PBs were broken particularly from the younger members. Some smashed them.

Jamie Cook got 2 x Silvers- A and 2 x Bronze-A, Ethan Cotton gained 3 x bronze-A, Josh Brindley 1 x Silver-B, Niamh Llewellyn 1 x Gold-A, Andrew Onofrei 1 x Gold-B, Ethan Lawton 2 x Gold-A, Daniel Wilson 1 x Bronze-A ,1 x Gold -B, 1 x Silver-B and 2 x Bronze-B, Buddy Deakes 2 x Silver-A and Silver-B, Jay Hargreaves 2 x Gold-B and a Silver-B, Eve Tilsley 2 x Gold-B,Ellie Edwards 1 Silver-A, Zach Bedsley 1 x Gold-B, Zach Oakes 1 Gold-B, Chloe Henderson 1 x Gold-A and 1 Silver-B

 A mention goes to Isabella Amison who became ill on Friday and had to pull out of some races. She gave it her best shot.

 Finally, a big big well done goes to Daisy Cook. Daisy won 4 gold-A, 1 silver-A and 2 Bronze-A in the 9 yr old age group.

Her 50mtrs, 41.30s  and 100mtrs, 1.29.90s backstroke times made it to 3rd and 5th fastest time  in the Uk on the Swim England rankings.

 Rotherham Metro put on a very well organised gala which ran very smoothly, Ponds Forge is an excellent setup and invaluable experience for the swimmers.