News from Northgate

So with Christmas bearing down upon us, and our inaugural NASC Winter Open Meet 2016 just around the corner, most of the club decided to go on a weekend gala vacation. Along with the Wolves PB Buster there was the Wigan Best and the finals of the Staffs League in Cannock taking place – phew what a weekend!

So let’s get to it…

Congratulations to all swimmers who competed at the weekend. They all did themselves and the club proud as well as producing some great individual achievements.

Thank you to Matt for providing coaching support, feedback and helping the swimmers to achieve their best. Thank you to Emma Higgins on poolside who not only ensured that all children were delivered to the ‘blocks’ on time, but kept the local Costa in business too! Matt also learnt that there are actually 2 eight o’clock’s in a day! J

Lastly and most importantly thank you to all of the swimmers for behaving so well at the meet and for supporting each other through both the ups and downs of the weekend. Well done!

Several of the swimmers dabbled in a little ‘squirrel whispering’ and fun-in–the-park during the lunch break with the rather rotund and somewhat scary local park inhabitants (yes the squirrels!), but that’s another story…

Due to the 3 meets over the weekend there was a modest attendance of 11, but they were still as vocal as any other team at the lane end whilst cheering on their teammates!

Our swimmers were:

Emma Currie

Zander Higgins

Maisie Daniels

Jessie-May Bridgewood

Josh Bridgeman

Lucy Brownsword

Chloe Henderson

Zac Oakes

Matt Skucha

Rosie Grain

Callum Hurst

We had over the course of the weekend many PB’s, medals, and some fantastic races even a swimming cap stuck on a roof. There were also a few key moments and swims too from Zander (400FS), Zac (200BR) and 2 county times and Rosie – pretty much a clean sweep with medals, PB’s and a regional time!

Finally special mentions are needed for Chloe and Josh. Chloe at her first major gala just missed out by 2 points (having led for most of the weekend) on being the top 9 year old girl. Well done! Josh also was in the 10 year old top boys table at a more than healthy 9th after a great weekends swim. Well done Josh!

Well done to all swimmers, even if you didn’t get a medal, if you got DQ’d or you didn’t achieve a PB -every time you get into the pool, you make the club, coaches and parents proud.

So what’s next…

NASC Winter Meet 2016 – bring it on, see you there!