West Midlands Regional Championships 30th April

Well done to our small group of swimmers competing at the West Midlands Regional Champ’s

  • Becky Twardochleb
  • Polly Holden
  • Tom King
  • Bill Jones
  • Ethan Lawton

We proved once again that for a comparatively small club, we pack a big punch, with some fantastic performances and pbs.. Selected highlights include: –

  • Poly Holden, finalist /winner 400m &100m free style (17 &over), finalist /runner up 50m fly (17 &over);
  • Becky T , finalist / runner up 50m and 200m breast stroke;
  • The boys managed a creditable 6th position in the  400m (14/16) freestyle team  swim;
  • Special mention to Rhys Llewellyn for turning out the day after ‘Prom Night’ to lead us off  the blocks.

Final thanks to Anthony Jones  for poolside support and Sue Twardochleb  for officiating on behalf of our Club.