Masters Swimming

Masters Swimming is been piloted at  Newcastle Staffs Swimming Club.

 3 month block of twice weekly sessions (Monday and Wednesday evenings) will run from March to May 2020

Please see below for further details and contact information at the foot of the page.

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What is Masters swimming  and who is it for ?

A Masters swimmer is anyone 18 years and over.

You will  be swimming for a variety of reasons including:-

  • improving fitness & well-being
  • taking part in triathlon swims
  • participation in masters pool and open water competitions
  • a competitive swimmer reducing training sessions
  • seeking to swim with like-minded individuals

We  can help you improve  fitness, technique and gain a competitive edge by offering  structured training sessions lead by qualified and experienced swimming coaches . Many of our coaches are former and existing competitive swimmers in both open-water and pool environments.

To swim as a Master at  Newcastle Staffs Swimming Club you will need to join our club:  further information including joining instructions is provided below.

To learn more about Masters swimming click here.

To download The Masters Handbook click here.

When and where is it taking place ?

We offer a free 1hr taster session .

3 month block bookings of 25 sessions These will take place twice weekly. Monday (20.30-21.30 hrs) and Wednesday (21.00-22.00hrs).

Both of the above take place at our *Newcastle under Lyme School (NULS) venue.

Directions / Location to NULS

How much does it cost ?

To be classed as a Masters swimmer you need to be a Club member paying  relevant Membership, Training  & British Swimming (ASA) Fees (see below).

1: Club Membership Fees

The club membership year runs 1st July to 30th June. Consequently for the 6 month  period January to June 2020 a 50% membership fee applies.

  • Masters  Annual Membership =£30.00 (50% now due) =£15.00
  • Parent / guardian of an existing NSSC Club swimmer  =£20 (to top up to Family Membership) 50% now due= £10.00
  • *Student Annual Membership=£25.00 (50% now due) =£7.50

N.B for current paid up NSSC members there is no additional cost.

*Students must  provide evidence : essentially full time higher level education or conditional University offer

2: British Swimming (ASA) Fees

These are mandatory annual non refundable fees paid on your behalf  to British Swimming who   provide our insurance. There are two relevant levels of membership (Cat1 & Cat2). You must decide on the most appropriate dependent on  your needs

  • Category 1 member. Fine for most. Gives basic benefits and  allows you to train and compete up to County Level (British Swimming competitions) =£18.00
  • Category 2 member. This gives you everything you need to  train and compete up to and beyond County Level (British Swimming competitions) =£36.55
  • Existing British Swimming (ASA) Cat 1 or 2 = £00.00 (you will need to supply your membership number )

To learn more about Categories of Membership have a look here.

3: Training and Facilities fees (25 Session  )

These cover pool and facilities and coaching and lifeguard costs.

Training Fees = £125.00

*Student Training Fees = £100.00

*Students must provide evidence: essentially full time higher level education or conditional University offer. 

How do I join and find out more?

Please complete our enquiry form by clicking here and our membership secretary will contact you. You need to be 18 years old or older and able to swim.

Joining and Membership Form  Click Here

Kindly note: you must pre-book these sessions it is not possible to ‘turn up’ and swim.

The above information is provided solely in respect of the free taster session and subsequent 3 month block booking. This  only allows swimming on the two designated Masters evenings, Monday (20.30-21.30 hrs) and Wednesdays (21.00-22.00hrs).