Marvellous Macclesfield: Meet report (25th /26th June 2016)

Congratulations to all swimmers who competed at the Macclesfield Satellite Open Meet 25th & 26th June. Our combined efforts resulted in us finishing a creditable 5th out of 19 competing Clubs

Thank you to the swimmers for behaving admirably at the meet and for supporting each other through some challenging swims.

We were definitely the loudest supporting club there and we would have most certainly won top prize for renditions of YMCA and Hey Macarena during the breaks!! Even parents on the balcony got up and danced (I think the chlorine had got a bit strong up there)!!

There were gutsy swims from absolutely everyone; some were disappointed with their performance and others were pleased. That’s the name of the game though and swimmers responded awesomely when things didn’t go so well (particularly when you think of their young age).

There were so many noteworthy moments and I’m going to try and remember everything, but if I have forgotten anything, please let me know and I’ll add it in!!


Liberty Sproston started the proceedings with a 10 second pb in 400 IM

Boys 200IM came up next which saw pbs for Xander Higgins, Jay Hargreaves and Ethan Lawton (bronze medal)

Then the girls continued with 100 freestyle with pbs for Jessie-May Bridgwood, Ellie Edwards, Alisha Bedson (Bronze medal) and Laura Gunning (bronze medal).

The boys then followed with 100 breast stroke and pbs were achieved by Jay Hargreaves, Sam Hawkes, Buddy Deakes (Gold medal) and Ethan Lawton (Gold medal).

Moving on brought pbs in girls 200 Backstroke for Jessie-May Bridgwood, Liberty Sproson, Maddie Warrilow (gold medal), Poppy Higgins, Laura Gunning (Silver medal) and Alisha Bedson (Bronze medal).

A pb and silver medal then followed for Noah Rathbone on 200 fly after he’d recovered from earlier dead-legs in the 200IM!!

The girls’ 50 breaststroke then saw pbs for Jessie-May Bridgwood, Maddie Warrilow (silver medal), Ellie Edwards and Laura Gunning.

The boys then responded with pbs in 50 freestyle for Tommy Brockley, Gianni Loska, Ben Kessel, Xander Higgins, Sam Hawkes (Bronze medal), Buddy Deakes (Silver medal). The “sub-30’s” then came along (not their age!!) – Matthew Currie and Callum Hurst.

Ben Kessel, Zac Oakes and Matt Currie all had impressive pbs for their 400 freestyle with a bronze medal for Matt.

A gold medal followed for Maddie Warrilow’s 200m freestyle and her pb was joined by Ellie Edwards, Laura Gunning (bronze medal) and Alisha Bedson (bronze medal). Laura then went onto knock off another 2 seconds the next day at Wigan!

Boys 100m backstroke then came along with pbs for Ben Kessel, Jay Hargreaves and Ethan Lawton (Gold medal).

Poppy Higgins and Ellie Edwards both got pbs for 100 fly and Maddie Warrilow’s pb for 200 breaststroke got her a gold medal.

Gianni Loska pb’d in the 50m fly along with Noah Rathbone, Jay Hargreaves, Buddy Deakes (Bronze medal), Xander Higgins and Callum Hurst.

Girl’s 50m backstroke earned a gold medal for Maddie Warrilow, bronze medal for Laura Gunning and a silver for Alisha Bedson even though they just missed out on pbs and Ellie Edwards achieved a pb.

SUNDAY: (not a day of rest……..)

Elliott Armstrong responded to Liberty’s 400 IM with his first ever attempt and got a bronze medal.

Ellie Edwards smashed her 200 IM entry time and Maddie achieved a gold medal along with a slight pb.

Next up was the boys 100 freestyle and the first heat was an all-Newcastle grudge match between Ed Gething, Tommy Brockley and Gianni Loska – all knocking a significant amount off their entry time. Ben Kessell, Xander Higgins, Zac Oakes, Buddy Deakes (gold medal), Matt Currie and Ethan Lawton all followed with pbs. Callum would have had a good pb if he hadn’t been so keen to go off the block (!) and Elliott hadn’t yet recovered from his 400 IM.

A silver medal followed for Ethan in 200 backstroke and then a bronze for Ellie in 200 fly (in spite of a sore shoulder and being verrrry nervous!!)

Boys 50m breast stroke continued in the same theme with pbs for Ed, Andreas Kappakas, Gianni, Tommy, Zac, Buddy (gold medal) and Matt (silver medal).

The girls then responded with 50 Freestyle pbs for Emma Currie and Maddie (gold medal) which I’m sure was in part due to Poppy’s enthusiastic support!!

The Sunday afternoon continued with pbs in boys 200m freestyle for Gianni, Ben, Luke, Xander, Matt and Ethan (bronze medal). Emma followed with a pb for her 100 backstroke.

And the closing boys’ 50m backstroke race saw pbs for Zac and Buddy (Silver medal)

Only 2 DQs for the whole weekend, and considering the number of swimmers and races, that is pretty impressive!! We noted a few areas to work on and we’ll get onto that right away in the run up to Wolverhampton’s gala where I hope we have as full and enjoyable weekend as this one!

A big thank you to Gareth Edwards who especially helped to reign in the boys at their more challenging moments (!) and thank you to the parents for ferrying swimmers to & from the pool and sweating on the gallery(!). Also thanks to Matt Newton for organising the entries and a big thanks to Macclesfield Satellites for hosting the event.

And finally well done to all swimmers – you all achieved something at some point, whether it was a pb, a medal, a bounce back from disappointment, or supporting team-mates. Good luck to all for your next meet!

And finally finally !!, a big thank you to Christine Bromley for undertaking poolside duties on Saturday and Sunday.

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