About Level X Racing

Updated 1st November  2020 (Note likely subject to change due to latest Government COVID updates)

What is it?

In the absence of competitions due to the on going COVID- 19 situation,  Level X Racing presents a fun and safe opportunity  for swimmers to practice racing skills during training as  a club time trial event.

Results will be uploaded to Swim England, who will publish leaderboards at set times throughout the Level X racing period to celebrate success.  Newcastle ASC will also publish internal results as for any normal gala, with age groups as follows; (age as 31st Dec 2020)

  • 9 and under
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • 16 and over
  • Open (all members)

Who is it for?

Any Swim England category 2 member can take part in Level X Racing. Swim England are offering a free upgrade to Category 2 for current Category 1 members for the remainder of 2020 to enable them to take part in Level X Racing, however to participate in 2021 swimmers will need to be a fully paid Category 2 member.

Only swimmers who would usually be attending that particular training session should take part in Level X Racing sessions, and all swimmers should take part in their usual training bubbles with social distancing maintained throughout.

When is it happening?

(Subject to Change due to recent Government COVID restrictions)

Series 1 of Level X Racing starts on 23 October and ends on 31 December 2020. More details about the schedule can be viewed here when available.

Series 2 of Level X Racing will start in January 2021 with dates being published in December 2020.

Where will it take place ?

At the time of publishing this page., Level X must take place in 25m pools. Therefore, we anticipate running the events at J2 (and potentially NULS,when it reopens ) .

Is there a cost ? 

There is a cost for entry, to reflect the administration and  facilities costs.

How do I enter ?

Entry and payments will be made online ( as we do for our gala and club champs) , via an electronic form which can be viewed here when available.