Payment of Fees

Fees should be paid by standing order and are payable monthly, in advance. Monthly payments are calculated based on four weeks swimming per calendar month so the total annual payment is for 48 weeks of swimming and therefore, allows for four weeks unpaid holiday absence.

The schedule of payments is as follows:

Fees from 1st September 2014

SquadMonthly Standing Order
Development £43
Junior £32
Students/ Masters£32*

*students/masters pay £32 per month for 8 sessions, any more than 8 session in one month is an additional £5 per session.*

Even if swimmers are unable to attend all of their squads sessions, the full squad price is still payable.

The committee feel this is the only fair system, otherwise some swimmers are subsidising others, and swimmers who wish to move up a squad may be unable to do so because a place is being occupied by someone paying less than the full amount.

Please check that you are paying the correct amount for your squad, and if not, please amend your standing order immediately.

For those who are new to the club, a standing order form is enclosed. Please complete this and return to bank ASAP.

Thank you

NASC committee