National Arena League

Swimmers selected for the National Arena League (previously known as the Speedo League) will invariably be Regional and National swimmers. This is a highly competitive league which includes the best clubs in the North West and subsequently, at the National Final level, the best clubs in the country. NASC prioritises this league and if selected, you are expected to swim, even if you are only selected for one event.

The Staffs League

NASC have been the holders of the Staffs League Champions title on many occassions. It is seen by the club as a prestigious title to hold and we are disappointed when we do not bring the trophy home with us. Competitors for this league will be mainly National and Regional standard and your attendance is expected even if you are selected for just one event.

The Crusader League

This league primarily targets developing and masters swimmers. We enter this league to give new or young swimmers experience of competitive swimming. Occasionally, the selection of experienced swimmers is necessary to make up a full team, especially in the Open age group. Again, we expect you to swim if you are selected.