Wonderful Winners at Wolverhampton

Wonderful Winners at Wolverhampton

 Sunday 22nd May saw a mixed team of swimmers travel to Wolverhampton for the Northgate Spring Meet.  With the older and national swimmers missing, this was a chance for the younger and developing swimmers to really shine, and boy did they do that.  Medals galore, PB’s smashed, and that was just the morning…

For the girls; Maisie Daniels, Jessie-May Bridgwood, Poppy Higgins, Maddie Warrilow, Emma Currie, Ellie Edwards, Ally Bedson, Zoe Potter, Liberty Sproson, Niamh Llewellyn, Grace Lewis, Gracie Walters and Emily Oxley.

For the boys; Tommy Brockley, Jay Hargreaves, Zac Oakes, Isacc Mirza, Edward Gething, Elliot Armstrong, Alexander Higgins, Matt Skucha, Andreas Kappakas and Matt Currie.

Across the day there were thirty five medals won (13 gold, 10 silver and 12 bronze), with some standout performances across the whole group, and from our swimmers there were 86 PB’s achieved.   The team just missed out by a mere ten points on the best visiting team award as well.

A quite superb day for all the swimmers, they have made the club, their families and themselves very proud, not just through their swimming but behaviour and team spirit.

Thanks to Matt Newton as poolside coach (and for tearing himself away from studying for a University exam on Monday morning) and to Gareth Edwards, ably assisting as team manager.

For those who don’t know, Wolverhampton was the home of Slade’s Nobby Holder (Kids, ask your parents), so to use one of their hits, Newcastle ASC, – My, oh my.