Sheffield Silverware for Super Swimmers: Rotherham Metro (21 & 22 January 2017)

  • 12 Swimmers, over 75 races, bounty of medals and a plethora of PB’s – Excellent!

    Let’s start with the gratitudes.  Thanks go to Steve and Emma for being poolside on Saturday also Jo and Jamie for the Sunday. To the swimmers, for their impeccable behaviour and gutsy performances – all with a big smile. A big thank you to Jamie for writing the Sunday report too. We should also thank those that officiated, without these volunteers galas can not go ahead.

    Saturday opened with the 200IM for the girls – they smashed it… up next the boys in the 200m free – they smashed it… actually this was the theme throughout the weekend so it could get boring, so a big well done to Chloe, Ellie, Poppy, Buddy, Callum, Jay, Josh, Matt, Zach & Zander.

    Sunday saw a change in poolside helpers and swimmers, with Grace and Emma joining the team of Chloe, Ellie, Poppy, Zander, Zach, Josh, Buddy and Matt. All swimmers did really well with lots of PBs, medals and smiles throughout the day.

    Thanks in particular to Andy Higgins who organised the entry to a very well-run and enjoyable open meet.