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Founded in 1908 and based in Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, we have a long history of helping swimmers to achieve county, regional , national levels and beyond.   We run four ‘squads’ (Junior, Development,  Regional & National). Swim programmes are prepared and delivered by our wonderful coaching team in our excellent facilities:  our main training venue being a modern, 25m, 8 lane facility.

Contact us: To find out more   (membership, coaching & general) please click  here:

West Mids Regional Times 2020

Age as  31/12/20– Times in licensed meets L1, 2 or 3 between 1st September 2019 and  15th April 2020. 800m & 1500m  times for Boys 14/u & 15/ov and Girls 13/u & 14/o. All times are 50m qts. 50m times are accepted or 25m  converted to 50m . Converted times will be accepted from Sportsystems  https://www.sportsys.co.uk/?page_id=197

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GenderAge 31 Dec 20StrokeTime
F1150 Free00:31.90
F1150 Fly00:35.20
F1150 Back00:37.10
F1150 Breast00:41.10
M1150 Free00:31.70
F11100 Free01:11.40
F11100 Back01:18.40
F11100 Fly01:22.50
M1150 Fly00:35.30
F11100 Breast01:33.10
M1150 Back00:36.70
M1150 Breast00:40.60
F11200 Free02:33.70
F11200 Back02:50.40
F11200 IM02:55.30
F11200 Breast03:18.70
F11400 Free05:22.70
F11400 IM06:12.50
F11800 Free10:16.00
M11100 Free01:11.60
F111500 Free20:13.30
F11200 Fly03.07.70
M11100 Back01:21.90
M11100 Fly01:23.80
M11100 Breast01:33.10
M11200 Free02:33.50
M11200 Back02:51.50
M11200 IM02:56.00
M11200 Fly03:07.70
M11200 Breast03:17.90
M11400 Free05:22.90
M11400 IM06:15.40
M11800 Free10:04.60
M111500 Free19:42.10
F1250 Free00:31.90
F1250 Fly00:35.20
F1250 Back00:37.10
F1250 Breast00:41.10
M1250 Free00:31.70
F12100 Free01:11.40
F12100 Back01:18.40
F12100 Fly01:22.50
M1250 Fly00:35.30
F12100 Breast01:33.10
M1250 Back00:36.70
M1250 Breast00:40.60
F12200 Free02:33.70
F12200 Back02:50.40
F12200 IM02:55.30
F12200 Breast03:18.70
F12400 Free05:22.70
F12400 IM06:12.50
F12800 Free10:16.00
M12100 Free01:11.60
F121500 Free20:13.30
F12200 Fly03.07.70
M12100 Back01:21.90
M12100 Fly01:23.80
M12100 Breast01:33.10
M12200 Free02:33.50
M12200 Back02:51.50
M12200 IM02:56.00
M12200 Fly03:07.70
M12200 Breast03:17.90
M12400 Free05:22.90
M12400 IM06:15.40
M12800 Free10:04.60
M121500 Free19:42.10
F1350 Free00:30.80
F1350 Fly00:33.80
F1350 Back00:33.80
M1350 Free00:30.00
F1350 Breast00:39.90
F13100 Free01:07.50
M1350 Fly00:33.60
F13100 Back01:14.60
F13100 Fly01:16.90
M1350 Back00:35.10
F13100 Breast01:27.40
M1350 Breast00:39.60
F13200 Free02:25.30
F13200 Back02:41.60
F13200 IM02:42.00
F13200 Fly02:53.00
F13200 Breast03:07.20
F13400 IM05:49.50
M13100 Free01:06.50
F13800 Free10:16.00
F131500 Free20:13.30
F13400 Free05.04.80
M13100 Back01:15.80
M13100 Fly01:16.30
M13100 Breast01:27.60
M13200 Free02:23.90
M13200 Back02:40.60
M13200 IM02:44.30
M13200 Fly02:52.20
M13200 Breast03:11.20
M13400 Free05:04.60
M13400 IM05:50.50
M13800 Free10:04.60
M131500 Free19:42.10
F1450 Free00:29.80
M1450 Free00:28.20
F1450 Fly00:32.50
F1450 Back00:33.60
F1450 Breast00:38.50
M1450 Fly00:31.40
F14100 Free01:05.30
M1450 Back00:32.90
F14100 Back01:12.90
F14100 Fly01:13.70
F14100 Breast01:24.70
M1450 Breast00:37.20
F14200 Free02:20.60
F14200 Back02:37.30
F14200 IM02:38.00
F14200 Fly02:45.80
F14200 Breast03:01.00
F14400 Free04:55.90
M14100 Free01:02.70
F14400 IM05:39.80
F14800 Free09:42.70
F141500 Free19:32.70
M14100 Fly01:11.00
M14100 Back01:11.50
M14100 Breast01:21.60
M14200 Free02:16.00
M14200 Back02:32.40
M14200 IM02:35.00
M14200 Fly02:40.70
M14200 Breast03:00.10
M14400 Free04:47.90
M14400 IM05:32.40
M14800 Free10:04.60
M141500 Free19:42.10
F1550 Free00:29.60
M1550 Free00:27.60
F1550 Fly00:32.30
F1550 Back00:33.50
M1550 Fly00:30.30
F1550 Breast00:38.30
F15100 Free01:04.40
F15100 Back01:11.50
M1550 Back00:32.80
F15100 Fly01:12.50
F15100 Breast01:23.80
M1550 Breast00:35.80
F15200 Free02:19.10
F15200 Back02:35.50
F15200 IM02:36.10
F15200 Fly02:41.90
F15200 Breast03:00.10
M15100 Free1:00.20
F15400 Free04:51.90
F15400 IM05:37.50
F15800 Free09:42.70
M15100 Fly01:07.10
M15100 Back01:08.70
F151500 Free19:32.70
M15100 Breast01:18.40
M15200 Free02:11.00
M15200 Back02:27.10
M15200 IM02:29.80
M15200 Fly02:30.40
M15200 Breast02:49.00
M15400 Free04:37.90
M15400 IM05:18.40
M15800 Free09:45.00
M151500 Free18:49.60
M1650 Free00:26.80
F1650 Free00:29.50
F1650 Fly00:32.00
F1650 Back00:33.40
M1650 Fly00:29.90
F1650 Breast00:38.00
F16100 Free01:03.80
M1650 Back00:32.70
F16100 Back01:11.10
F16100 Fly01:12.00
F16100 Breast01:22.90
M1650 Breast00:35.50
F16200 Free02:17.70
F16200 Back02:34.30
F16200 IM02:34.80
F16200 Fly02:40.80
F16200 Breast02:58.10
M16100 Free00:59.70
F16400 Free04:51.00
F16400 IM05:35.90
F16800 Free09:42.70
M16100 Fly01:06.70
M16100 Back01:08.00
F161500 Free19:32.70
M16100 Breast01:17.90
M16200 Free02:10.50
M16200 Back02:26.60
M16200 Fly02:29.60
M16200 IM02:29.60
M16200 Breast02:44.60
M16400 Free04:33.00
M16400 IM05:17.40
M16800 Free09:45.00
M161500 Free18:49.60
M17+50 Free00:25.90
F17+50 Free00:29.10
F17+50 Fly00:31.40
M17+50 Fly00:28.40
F17+50 Back00:33.10
F17+50 Breast00:37.30
M17+50 Back00:30.30
F17+100 Free01:02.50
F17+100 Fly01:10.00
F17+100 Back01:10.50
M17+50 Breast00:33.60
F17+100 Breast01:21.30
F17+200 Free02:15.00
F17+200 Back02:31.50
F17+200 IM02:33.80
F17+200 Fly02:36.60
M17+100 Free00:57.10
F17+200 Breast02:55.30
F17+400 Free04:41.70
M17+100 Fly01:03.40
F17+400 IM05:32.90
M17+100 Back01:04.80
F17+800 Free09:42.70
M17+100 Breast01:13.90
F17+1500 Free19:32.70
M17+200 Free02:04.90
M17+200 IM02:19.30
M17+200 Back02:20.20
M17+200 Fly02:21.80
M17+200 Breast02:40.60
M17+400 Free04:25.40
M17+400 IM05:00.90
M17+800 Free09:45.00
M17+1500 Free18:49.60

J2 Pool Records for Club Championships since 2012

It’s still a work in progress, but please click below to view the senior (16+)  and junior (15 and under) fastest times in the J2 pool during club championships.  All the swims are available so type a name in the search box and check out you performance.

Click here to view the records: please be patient it takes a while to load !  

Masters Swimming

  • Free taster session 
  • 3 month trial (January – March 2020)

Due to ongoing demand, we are delighted  to announce that Masters swimming will be taking place at NULS swimming pool for a  3 month pilot exercise of (25)  twice weekly  sessions (Mondays and Wednesday evenings).

Click here for further information and to  book places for the  free taster session and 3 month paid trial.  

Sessions must be pre-booked, persons must be 18 years old or over and be able to swim

Also: Further information on our masters page click here:


Training Time Changes February 2020

Due Due to the Staffordshire County Championships taking places every weekend in February we have made some changes to our training sessions, they are as follows:

Saturday 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd February NULS swimmers will train at J2 – 7.00am – 8.00am


Regional & National training sessions at J2 on the following Sundays have been cancelled:

Sunday 9th February
Sunday 23rd February
Sunday 8th Marcht

Newsletter Holiday

Hi all,The Newsletter, which is generated automatically from the Club Website, has had a brief holiday whilst the Website security has been updated. Hopefully,  it should now be back and heading your way.Kind regards NSSC Committee

Events Calendar

February 2020

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February 22, 2020
  • Staffordshire Counties

    February 22, 2020


February 23, 2020
  • Staffordshire Counties

    February 23, 2020


March 1, 2020
  • Crusader League Round 1

    March 1, 2020  6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


March 2, 2020
  • Committee Meeting

    March 2, 2020


  • Staffordshire County Relays

    March 2, 2020


March 7, 2020
  • Staffs League Round 1

    March 7, 2020  6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


March 14, 2020
  • Wyre Forest Regional Qualifier

    March 14, 2020


  • Crusader League Round 2

    March 14, 2020  6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


March 15, 2020
  • Wyre Forest Regional Qualifier

    March 15, 2020


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Winter Gala 2019

Thank you to all who helped make our gala a tremendous success. We hope to see you all again next year.

Results are available at the link below.

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Ongoing, aches, pains? Need a regular check-up?

3Rs SOLUTIONS offers  15% discounted rates for NASC Members

Run by Ian Smith (a swimmer with our club since 1998)

Please don’t hesitate to contact Ian and discuss any concerns.

Check out Ian’s stretching videos here !!

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Level 2 Coach Recruitment:

Due to the  ongoing success and growth of our club  we are looking to recruit a self employed level 2 coach to join our existing team.

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